Any township in Malaysia is occupied with buildings or landmarks that are considered as historical treasures to the country. Klang is one of such township in Selangor, which is nicely located close to the main city, Kuala Lumpur. Klang is one well preserved on Malaysia history and definitely an interesting place to drop by when you are visiting the Kuala Lumpur area.

There are quite a number of things to do in this small township, like visiting the Klang Railway Station. The railway line from Kuala Lumpur to Klang was one of the first railway lines to be built in the country. This experience will certainly be a unique one as compared to a normal car ride to the city. The station is part of a complex that includes a local train depot and the old Klang Railway Station which dates back to 1890. The present Klang Railway Station was built for commuter train services in 1995 with two platforms and four tracks. The station is between the Bukit Badak Komuter Station to the southeast and Teluk Pulai Komuter Station to the southwest.

Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz

One historical site, the Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz is a place not to be missed for history lovers. Originally, it was known as the Memorial Museum and was built way back in the year 1988 at Jalan Kota. Later on, it was relocated to its current location on the Bangunan Sultan Suleiman with classic colonial design. In 2009, the museum or gallery was officially declared as a national heritage building. It is filled with memories which honor the life of the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, who ruled the country for over 39 years as the Sultan of Selangor and two years as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Royal Klang Club

You may also visit the Royal Klang Club when you happen to be in Klang. It has always been a social club that gathered many people together from European community to civil servants and businessmen until 1940. It was taken over by the Japanese military for a short period of time from 1942 to 1945 and then back to the hands of the European community until the independence of the country in 1957. Nowadays, its membership is open to all upon recommendation of a present member and members’ votes. There are certain restrictions to visitors who can only enter with special permission.   

Alam Shah Palace

Another thing to do at Klang includes getting a glimpse of the history at the Alam Shah Palace. The palace was built in 1950 for the installation of the fifth Sultan of Selangor. This would be a great experience especially for those of you who have never seen a palace in a close proximity. The palace is no longer the actual residence of the royal family but serves as a venue for official ceremonies as well as other royal family special duties. Therefore, you can only enter provided you have special permission or invitation.   

Indian Muslim Mosque Tengku Klana

There is the Indian Muslim Mosque Tengku Klana at Klang, which cannot be missed as it is very eye catching. The beautiful mosque was originally built in 1904 to cater the big crowd of Indian Muslim community. It slowly evolved from modest wooden to the present modern design, with contribution from Uzbek artisans. The design is very attractive with a mixture of Andalusian, Egyptian and Southern Indian. Located right behind the Indian Muslim Mosque, there is the Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple at Jalan Bukit Jawa. It is the oldest and richest Hindu temple at Klang. During the early times, this temple served as a shelter and place for networking for the Indian immigrants. Now, it serves as a temple whereby you can pray and get palm readings.

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Another building that you may expect to see is a Christian church, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, also known as the OLL. The church was built in 1923 to cater the spiritual needs of the Catholic community. If you happen to visit the church on a Sunday, you will hear sounds of gospel music from the church. Besides the music, the architectural of the building is highly admired. Its gothic style was inspired by a church in Lourdes, France and was designed by Reverend Father. It is an impressive building and not to be missed during your visit to Klang.   

‘Little India’ Klang

Like any ‘Little India’ in Malaysia, Jalan Tengku Kelana will not disappoint you. This charming area at Klang is alive with colorful street vendors and a wide variety of selection of tasty street food. It is definitely worth to explore this area. Besides food and environment, there are also some gimmicky fortune telling parrots and accompanying spiritualist parrot whisperers stationed on almost every block. For shoppers, there are many shops that you can stop by. In short, this is a good place for you to explore part of Klang with its Indian heritage culture.

Something interesting to do at Klang is taking pictures of the Klang Fire Station. You must be wondering what is so interesting. Well, it is not a common fire station as it was constructed by the British Colonial Government and has been serving as the fire fighting ground since 1890. It is refurbished but its Victorian design is still well maintained. Moreover, it was once served as the local police station. This working fire station contains various memories. Besides, it offers visitors the opportunity to sit in a fire truck and ring the bell for both adults and kids.

Raja Mahadi Fort was built by Raja Mahadi as a defensive barricade against Raja Abdullah in order to control the Klang district. It was also built to defend the trade of tin back in the old days. When you enter the ground of the fort through the main gate, you shall see a grave of warrior who is said to have been killed with a silver bullet. It is believed that a tunnel that runs from the fort down the hillock and under the river bed to the other side of the river bank was used as an escape route. For history lovers, this place shall not be missed out.

Bak Kut Teh

For non Muslims, one thing that you must do at Klang is eating Bak Kut Teh. Klang is famous for this food, which seem like a simple dish with pork and herbs but it comes in many forms. It can either be strong and intense or light and smooth. At Klang, you may find many Bak Kut Teh restaurants as it is the land of Bak Kut Teh. Besides Bak Kut Teh, you should drop by Yap Kee coffeshop for a good banana leaf meal with steaming hot rice, papadams and stir fried cabbage mixed with turmeric and curries.