The National Geographic Store opened at Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur last April. JOHN TIONG finds shopping there is as pleasant as watching the programmes. Here are his top finds at the novelty store

Travel bag with Tizip Zipper

AVERAGE-sized, hand-carry black leather travel bag with German made Tizip zipper that prevents water from entering (RM666). There are also similar bags in various other sizes but there´s only one range with the Tizip waterproofing Zipper. The normal bag without the zipper costs RM550.

Wind and waterproof jacket

THIS hooded Orange Gore-Tex Membrane jacket (RM1,454) comes in handy when you go trekking in the jungle or on a hill. It shields you from the rain when it pours and the bite of the cold wind.

 Antique cupboard from China

THEY take up much of the space in the store but these two old Elm cupboards from Jiangsu, China, aged between 80 and 100 years, are a steal depending on how you see art and antique. Each has four, very tasteful pictures of court life on oval medallions over its panel doors. The asking price? RM8,800 each.

Globe table lamps

THESE globes light up when you turn on the electricity. It´s also a good investment to teach your children about the countries in the world. The globes come in varying sizes and fetch between RM370 and RM2,000, depending on size. The one the size of a football costs RM370.

Backpacker bag

THE waterproof Aconcagua backpacker bag (RM403) can hold between 30 and 40 litres of stuff. The base of the holders are heavily padded to make sure your back won´t hurt when you walk long distances. Also available are a large range of slingbags and others, all made with waterproof material, something so needed while one travels through places with varying climates.

National Geographic documentary CDs

THE Blue Ray National Geographic Documentary CDs with a large range of the latest titles go for RM201 each. The titles include Atmospheres Earth, Air, Water as well as China´s Mysteries. Also available are Putumayo World Music CDs featuring ethnic and fusion music of various countries (RM63 to RM80 each).


NATIONAL Geographic is famous for its pictures and many of these have been made into posters (RM42 to RM47), which are a favourite with patrons. One of the framed posters is outstanding. It shows an Indo-Chinese monk coming down from the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia (RM400).

World maps

THREE types of maps are available – general world map (RM104), the more detailed decorator map (RM106) and the satellite map (RM121). The store helps buyers frame the maps, if they need this service. You need to pay RM150 more for delivery and installation in your house.

Leather wallets, slippers and sandals

SIMPLICITY is the word for leather wallets (RM112 to RM192) as well as slippers and sandals (RM192 to RM300) at the store.


THERE is a large variety of notebooks (RM21 to RM63), especially for children. Most have animals and birds on the covers to pique their interest. Some are bound with rings while others come in hardcover binding, strapped at the side with a piece of tasteful red rubber.