Despite the reason plane crashes and the mystery of the missing Malaysian airliner, Malaysia is yet again back to make another bold move in announcing the launch of the latest airline company which is called Flymojo. Flymojo happens to be a new airline company which is privately owned that is currently based out of the Senai Airport in Johor Baru. With its plans of conquering the air space, Flymojo has already signed a deal with Canada’s Bombardier Commercial Aircraft to purchase 20 CS100 aircrafts which cost them a total of RM 5.42 billion with an agreement whereby both parties have signed a letter stating that the new privately owned company, Flymojo, will have the option of adding another 20 aircrafts to their fleet that would boost its cost to RM 10.84 billion.

The Canadian plane manufacture, Bombardier, which will be supplying Flymojo with the 150 passenger aeroplane also stated that Flymojo will be the first airline company in the region to fly these planes. This is a huge step for Malaysia after what we have gone through in the aviation space over the past one year and this is also a positive come back as Flymojo has goals and is on a mission to provide value flights in the South-East Asia region.

Malaysians will feel happy to know that the Chairman of Flymojo, Alies Anor Abdul, has said that this new airline company will be aimed mainly to provide value and to place their focus back on the human touch. Alies Anor Abdul also believes that Flymojo will play a very important role when it comes to the improving the service and quality or air travel between the other parts of the region and Peninsula Malaysia.

Another one of Flymojo’s main aim is to transform Senai into one of the main regional aviation and logistic hub here in Malaysia and the Southern Corridor. This is also inclined to the government’s motives to bring up Malaysia’s aviation record after a few major incidents that have taken place over the past year.  Unlike the normal planes which are dull coloured and easily forgotten, Flymojo has customized the colours on these 20 planes so far, giving them beautiful bright colours and just by looking at these planes, you can surely tell that they are bohemian-inspired. These aircrafts have been set to fly between the Malaysian cities of Sabah and Sarawak along other major cities as well by using Senai International Airport as its central.


What do you think?

Many people are excited about this new airline company and many others are also asking themselves many questions regarding this new company. For starters, many people are not taking this whole company right from the name to begin with. To those of you who are unaware to what the name means, the term ‘Mojo’ comes from the African-American culture which is directly related to the black arts or witchcraft as you may call it.

Being Malaysian’s, let us not be quick to criticize but instead support this new airline company as if actually does add prettier colours to our skies. You might also be a little worried as we have had numerous airline disasters here over the past one year and although some people may not like the idea of flying to soon, you could take that bold move and be one of the firsts Malaysians to hop on board this new beautifully designed aeroplane and conquer the skies by the end of 2015. Make no mistake as Flymojo just might be the next airline company to set the standard in passenger comfort, inflight entertainment for passengers, on time performance as well as in delivery of seamless services.