Farm in the City is located Sri Kembangan, Selangor and it is opened in 2012 with the natural concept that the park is completely free of cages. This means that all the animals are allowed to roam freely in designated enclosures mimicking their natural habitat. The place is suitable for everyone especially for those families with kids. They will definitely not wanting to miss the chance to visit the farm whereby they can get a close interaction with the animals.

Activities and Things to do


There are quite a number of things you can do in the farm from feeding the birds, fishes and tortoise to hugging and petting the rabbits. 

One of the activities that you can do in Farm in the City is feeding the birds that are flying around in the Bird Aviary. Parents should take note that the claws of some of the birds here are sharp and the kids might feel uncomfortable at first. After a few attempts of feeding, you will definitely get used to it and start to enjoy the feeding process. Besides the birds, you can also feed the ducks at the pond area. You may not want to miss to at least catch a glimpse of the beautiful peacock here.

In the tortoise closed area, you can actually see huge tortoise walking around in slow motion. These creatures will walk to you slowly when you have vegetables or food with you. As slow as they can be, please do remember to turn off the flash of your camera when taking photos with them. Next, you can walk through a glass house with snakes and python in the reptile cavern. Reptiles’ lovers will surely like this whereas for those who are afraid of reptiles, there is a side walk for you to walk past these creatures.    

The next feeding station in this city zoo is feeding the deer. You can get the vegetable from a guy at the area and feed the deer. Feed them slowly and pet them gently to show them some human love. Besides the deer, there is a cute little wallaby at this area. Do not miss the chance to check it out. You may also pay a visit to the black cow after the vegetable farm and look at its funny faces.  The vegetable and fruit farm has been well landscaped and planted with over fifty types of tropical fruit tree and scrubs. Other than that, there are also a few ostriches right behind that area.      

The rabbits and hamster farm will be one of the most favourite spot especially for the kids. Again, you get to feed these small and cute little creatures. Not only that, you may get to touch and hug them. However, it is highly advisable to take extra care when you touch them as they are very soft and easily hurt if you are not gentle with them. Parents should pay extra attention on their kids on how to handle the small animals.  

There is an area called the Mood’s Lake whereby swans and Koi fishes are found here. Along this lake, you may see many Koi fishes and a pair of white swans. What can you do here is of course, to feed them. Besides feeding the Koi fishes, you may instead try longkang fishing. You may also allow the kids to experience catching fish from the longkang. There are guppy fishes waiting for you in the longkang. It will be a good experience for those who have not try this activity before.

Other than feeding and petting animals, there will be performances by the white cockatoo and parrots. The white cockatoo is also known as the umbrella cockatoo. It is a medium-sized all white cockatoo endemic to tropical rainforest on islands of our neighboring country, Indonesia. There will be two time slots to witness the parrots show with great and fun activities for you to participate in.

Actually, there are so many more animals that you can spot in the Farm in the City. For example, the fennec fox which is found in the Sahara of North Africa, raccoon on the trees and little pony. If you are not sure where to head to for a short trip, Farm in the City is highly recommended for experiencing a simple zoo in the city.   

Farm in city map

Ticket Price

The ticket price to enter Farm in the City is RM32 and RM27 per adult and child below 12 years old respectively, with MyKad.