A PLEASANT flight shouldn´t tire you down or make you sick. Typical tips are to drink lots of water and to take a walk whenever the aisle is free.


However, mYoga instructor Angel Ng has a more effective way to beat flight stress – do simple yoga exercises. In this final part, she shows four poses for the lower body.

1. Leg and hip movement A

Put your feet together. Lift the right leg, interlock all 10 fingers under your right knee and pull it towards your right shoulder. Keep the back straight, pull in your stomach. Inhale, belly rises. Exhale, belly falls.

2. Leg and hip movement B

Still sitting comfortably, lift up one knee. Tilt it to the side, opening up the hips, and rest the lifted foot lightly on the opposite thigh with the sole facing the ceiling. Press one hand on the knee and the other on the sole. As you inhale deeply, press the knee down to the floor. Exhale deeply and slowly while you pull your knee towards your chest. Repeat three times and do the same for the other leg. This helps to loosen and open up the hips and knee joints.

3. Thigh lengthening

Stand with your feet together. Bend one knee and lift your heel. Grab the ankle with both hands and pull it slowly towards your buttocks. You will feel your thigh lengthened and stretched. Hold for three breaths before repeating on the other knee.

4. Gravity pose

Stand with your legs hips-width apart. Soften your knees and slowly bend down as your hands grab the opposite elbows. Relax your head and let gravity pulls it down. Take five long breaths, and during each breath, stretch your spine longer. Release your arms and relax your shoulders. This pose helps to lengthen the hamstring and allow blood to flow back to the brain.