This is a great and budget place for a transit stay at KLIA2 


Never has anyone in this country actually believed that it would be possible to live inside a container, instead of living in a hotel until this idea was born. The Capsule Container Hotel is not something which was only designed for transit travellers, backpackers and frequent fliers. You could be just about anyone who is in need of a place to crash overnight, or if you need to get sufficient rest before catching the next flight. The Capsule Container Hotel is great for a short stay, and for those trendsetters who are willing to try something new which doesn’t cost a bomb while experiencing something which is completely different altogether.

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Why A Capsule Container?

Most people would more often than not, why a Capsule Container Hotel? Why not just book a real hotel and not worry about getting the comfort you need, right? First of all, time is always a factor if not for all people, it is for most of them. Killing time is not as easy as what you may think when you have a few hours of transit at an airport. Like everyone around, you would be wishing that you had a nice bed to lie on and if you are feeling cold, you would also wish that you could have a good hot shower and guess what, at the Capsule Container Hotel, you can get all that. You would be able to refresh yourself before you connect to you next flight. One of the reasons why transit hotels at airports are becoming more popular is because many people are actually willing to spend extra dollars just so they can have a good amount of rest before they get on their next flight.

One might argue saying that the Capsule Container Hotel is nowhere close to a standard luxury hotel as far as comfort and space is concerned but think again. Contrary to popular belief, all these capsules are designed to be minimalistic but at the same time the comforts of their guests have greatly been taken into consideration when designing the capsules.


The Capsule Container Hotel at KLIA 2 also has a total of 79 capsules for their guests. There are 41 rooms for women and the remaining 38 are for men. The Capsule Container Hotel provides denominations of 3, 6 and 12 hour packages which is priced at RM45, RM70 and RM90 respectively. Guests are also provided with a certain services and facilities which includes a locker, shower, lounge access and you even get free Wi-Fi and all these come along with a bedroom for guests to refresh and rest before their next flight. Guests are also given the option to choose specific services at a la carte rates like renting a locker for RM20 a day or using just the shower alone for RM15 at any given time.

While you are probably wondering how the prices are so low with all the facilities included, you must know that the Capsule Container Hotel uses recycled construction materials to ensure environmental sustainability thus enabling the hotel to charge affordable rates. Regardless of the material used, each capsule has been designed to ensure that it provides full comfort to all their guests.


The term “Kyosho Jutaku” which in Japanese means living very nicely in a compact house utilizing only a very small space explains the story behind the Capsule Hotel Container KLIA 2 idea and how the concept actually came about. If you are a traveler, you are able to pre-book their rooms online or walk-in for the same price and be sure to check out for special dates are they offer rock bottom prices which are simply unbelievable.

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