Getting there

Batangsi waterfall is located at Semenyih which not too far away from Kuala Lumpur. This place is not too far from Batu 14 damn, Bukit Hantu and Sungai Tekala.  However it is less touristic as getting into the place could be a little tricky. The turn towards Batangsi is somewhere near Nirwana Semenyih. The offroad would take around 20 minutes or so with mild tarred road and some heavy offroading at the end. You can use a normal car to reach end of the road, while walk towards the bigger waterfall.  This river or waterfall is a great place for recreation activities such as picnic or camping. The water from this river is very refreshing and natural as it is only jungle on the upstream and it is far away from any civilization. There are no phone coverage at all at this area.


At the end of the proper fall, which is Kem Anugrah Batangsi, there is charges of entrance for either Camping or Picnic. To be fair the facilities of this place is quite run down. You can rent a chalet , but most of the things here are fairly bad condition.